More Videos!


Below you can see Jerome’s choreography, footage of him teaching at workshops, judge’s critiques from competitions, and even some videos of him taking class. Enjoy! 

Cougar Town (Dancer and Assistant Choreographer)

 Here is an episode for “Cougar Town” with Courtney Coxx and guest star Matthew Perry that recently aired!

So You Think You Can Dance Commercial

This commercial was such an accomplishment, because all of the dancers in this commercial had to audition in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, and Tap!  The very first cut was Ballet!  This job proved it pays to be a versatile dancer.

“Show Yourself Off” with Jordyn Jones and Autumn Miller

“Basic Dance Turns with Guinness Record Holder Sophia Lucia”

This is the promo video for the “Basic Dance Turns” App with Guiness Record Holder Sophia Lucia.  At 11 years old, Sophia did 54 consecutive pirouettes.  Here is a video of Jerome and Sophia working together!

Footage of Jerome and Angel Gibbs at South County Dance

Jerome has taught Angel Gibbs for almost 3 years before she competed on “America’s Best Dance Crew” with 8 Flavahz.  Jerome taught her in Jazz Funk, Tap, and Contemporary.  She’s such a great dancer!

“Autie’s Signature Moves”

This is the promo video for Autumn Miller’s second app with Jerome and Dance Apps Inc.  This app followed her highly successful 1st App, “Extensions and Tilts with Autumn Miller,” which was the 63rd most downloaded app in the world out of 400 million apps!

European Workshops

Jerome was working in Europe from October 26-November 28th of 2013.  He travelled to London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Florence, Munster, and Venice for workshops while also choreographing several dances, and having meetings with various producers and organizers.  Despite his hectic schedule, there was also time for Jerome to meet up with his mother and cousin and visit various attractions.

A Contemporary Combo with Some Dynamite Kids

Choreography Award and Judges Commentary

Jerome choreographed a contemporary dance to “Diamonds” for South County Dance Company. The dance won Choreography Awards at Showbiz National Talent Competition(April 2013) and at Bravo (April 2013). At Kids Artistic Review’s competition in Los Angeles (May 2013), the dance won the People’s Choice Award chosen by The Federation of Dance Competitions. Winning the FDC People’s Choice Award was such an honor, because Diamonds beat out over 1000 dances from some of the countries most accomplished studios. Only 1 dance was selected from the entire competition regardless of age and dance genre. Here is the video which features some of the judge’s comments from earlier on in the season. Seeing this dance on video is cool, but watching the dance live was so powerful.  Enjoy!

Class at Millenium Dance Complex

When Jerome first moved to LA, he began assisting Andre Fuentes (Britney’s Choreographer).  He assisted him for workshops, professional jobs, and in class.  Here is one of their dance combinations!

Workshop in Italy

Jerome had the privilege of teaching at the FSB stage in Italy.  There were over 250 dancers in attendance.  This video shows Jerome with 3 of the dancers during one of his classes.

Workshop at Rebeltanz in Germany

Jerome visited Munster, Germany for the first time in November 2012.  This was his first class in Germany, and the workshop was almost completely sold out!  3 out of his 5 classes were filled to capacity!

Jazz Funk Workshop Germany from Jerome Alexander on Vimeo.

Workshop at Chapkis Dance

Kate Lindsey Contemporary Solo with Judge’s Comments

Video of Jerome teaching workshops in Tokyo, Washington DC, and Orange County